Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some Of the Nicest People...

Today, Speedy and I went all over Little Rock getting our Passport stamped at various historical and park locations.  We have a National Park Passport and a Civil War in AR passport.  We're also working on earning our State Park patch from the Louisiana Purchase State Park Patch Program.

One of the places we went to today was the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.  We arrived there this morning and were immediately greeted by Park Guide Brian Schwieger.  Brian was warm and friendly and proceeded to talk to us about the museum and all of the displays.  It was obvious he enjoyed his job and was very knowledgeable about the associated history.  Speedy and I walked through all the displays.  It was very clean and well laid-out.  The exhibits were interesting, educational, and very thorough.

Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

Side note:  Central High School was the site of the 1957 forced racial school desegregation.

We chose a few items from the gift shop and Park Guide Schwieger rang us up.  We chatted and got on the subject of parks in Arkansas, camping, and hiking.  I told him about my upcoming AT thru-hike and he was very excited for me.  I gave him my blog address and he promised to follow along.  I asked him for a business card so I could type this entry since I have the memory of slug, LOL.  I enjoyed meeting him very much.

Hi Brian!  :)

After that, Speedy and I went to MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History.  The woman at the desk at the entrance was very nice and very knowledgeable.  We toured the museum which includes some very good WWII photos and General MacArthur's Army Jeep.  As we were leaving we stopped by the desk and looked at the merchandise.  (Speedy and I collect patches and he also collects pins.)  I forgot the lady's name but I must say she was incredibly nice to us.  We chatted for some time and she gave me a camouflage bandanna!  I also got to choose one free postcard!  Thank you so much!

Wood carving of General Douglass MacArthur

MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

After lunch, we went to One Capitol Plaza to see Jay Miller who is the Administrator of Program Services for Arkansas State Parks.  We had a few questions about out Louisiana State Purchase State Park Patch Program.  He is the man to see!  We were so lucky to find him in the office and available to talk.  He invited us into his office, warmly greeted us, shook our hand and answered all of our questions.  We told him about all the parks we've gone to see and hike in the past 10 weeks.  I told him about my AT thru-hike and he was so excited for me.  I gave him my blog address and the addy of my YouTube channel.  I told him about all the videos of Arkansas State Park hikes I had posted.  I know we took up his entire lunch hour but he was such a great conversationalist the time just flew by.  Mr. Miller, if you're reading this, hi and thank you!

This is the capital at Christmas.  The building we went to is behind this one but I like this pic better!

All in all we met and talked with some incredible people today.  Even the cashier at Wal-Mart this evening was smiling and nice!

For those of you who are new, Speedy is my BF and he earned his trail name by hiking really fast!

I've written to Clif Bar company and asked them for sponsorship.  I'd love to have tons of Clif Bars to eat on my hike!

It's hard to believe I leave in 8 days!  It's almost here!!!  I'll keep ya updated.  Time for me to go now.

Goodnight and Blessed Be.

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