Sunday, January 29, 2012

No More Juicing

Hello again.  About my backpack:  I'm still waiting for my money to process on PayPal.  I texted the guy I'm buying my pack from and told him what's going on.  I hate this.  Shame on you PayPal... :(

I broke my fast, ate solid food and I'm returning my juicer Tuesday.  It was cool and I lost 5 pounds but realistically I want to keep working out and making smart/healthy food choices to lose weight.  I bought some boca burgers (soy and veggie) some 100% whole wheat buns and Kashi  snack bars.  Also some diet Lipton green tea.  I refuse to starve myself and be miserable.  I will lose the weight but it will be done in a healthy gradual manner.

Oh, I want to share one of my favorite YouTube videos with you.  It's an AT thru-hike vid and not only is the video great but the music is awesome too.  Here it is:

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