Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day of January 2012

Good morning everyone!  Yesterday I went shopping at WalMart and bought a few more hiking/camping items!

I got my CCF (blue) sleep pad for about $8, a 8 x 10 tarp for $6, a magnesium fire rod for $8, a cheap-o cook set just for shakedown hikes for $7, a waterproof container for my phone, wallet, ID, etc. for $2 (sealed tupperware-like container!), a 10 pack of instant oatmeal variety pack for $2, extra virgin olive oil for $6.

One day soon I am going to pack up all my gear and head out to the woods for a practice trip.  I will let you know how that goes.

Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees and today is expected to be the same only with a little rain possible tonight or in the morning.  Insane!

More later guys I need more coffee!

Speaking of coffee, here's something funny for ya!


  1. Hello! Jusy wanted to wish you happy trails. I cant wait to follow your adventure via this blog-Frogboy

  2. Thanks Frogboy! I appreciate the follow!