Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 04, 2012

January 04, 2012

Started my lifestyle makeover today.  Getting my sleep back on track…up for daytime and sleep for nighttime.  No alcohol.  No snacks.  No fast food.  Ate Grape Nuts and Special K w strawberries for breakfast, 2 cups of black coffee, lots of waters and some diet cokes.  No snacking.  Made lowfat burger meatloaf, instant Idohoan potatoes, beef gravy, green beans in real butter and broiled peppers in oil for dinner.  Ate one plate at 430 ish then had another piece of meatloaf around 6pm.  Water and diet coke the rest of the night .  Went to bed early, around 630 pm, back up now at midnight and it's officially…

January 5, 2012

Sleep still a bit off but getting better.  Bought a few items at Dollar Tree and WalMart today.  Got matches in waterproof vial w screw on lid, a whistle, a cheap knife that's very sharp, some wooden matches, some pepperoni in vacuum sealed plastic, a bag of fruit and nuts, some antibacterial wet wipes in travel packs, some tea light mini candles…  Packed 2 gallon sized ziplock bags each with 2 weeks worth of drink packets like coffees, Crystal Lights, and teas.  Gathered 7 bags of Knorr pasta sides, got 8 Lipton soup and sauce packs,  some spices, put all in a duffle bag with new gear.  Need to do a practice hike but don't have trail pack yet.  Still using Tim's laptop backpack.  Will work with what I have for now.

Walked to mailbox and back yesterday and today.  Took trash out yesterday, walked all of WalMart about twice today. 

Got , "A Walk in the Woods" at the library today.  Half way done.  Makes me really want to go.

Signed up for Trail Journals.  Not sure if first entry posted, internet at home being a bitch.  I'm sitting in the living room in the dark at 12 14 am and I'm tired, I have to pee and my wrists hurt.  I don't feel like making complete sentences LOL.  Anyway, I want to make an entry here for EVERY DAY from now till I go to Georgia.  From that point on I will be using trailjournals.com  I will transfer this  into the tj if I feel like sharing.

Lastly, I really need to pee, brb.  Want to talk about a possible sponsor, Stop Pain. 


I contacted an arthritis pain relief company called, "Stop Pain" on their FB page and asked them if they'd like to be partners and help sponsor my AT hike.  They replied with, "please email us at this link".  So I did.  I pitched a pretty good deal to them, asking for money for food, a few trail town visits, and to pay my mobile phone bill for the months I'm on the trail.  In return I told them I'd endorse their product exclusively.  I also pitched myself rather well.  I hope they are interested.  It would be so nice to go out there and not have to worry so much about money.  If they don't, that's okay too.  It's always been about the experience and the journey, not how much money I can spend while doing it.  I'll still be fine.

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